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Thank you for visiting my website, as you can probably tell I am one of the fortunate few to be able to turn my hobby into a successful business,  I began collecting and making unique pieces of jewellery a few years ago and created many pieces using not only sea glass but also semi precious stones and metals.


Sea Glass is a deposit of glass that has found its way back to the shore line following years of deposits from the old time glassworks in the areas.  The powerful currents and tides shape and sculpt each piece over time which result in something beautiful and amazing that can be crafted into a timeless piece of treasure.


I collect my Sea Glass from Seaham which was home to several large glass works during the last century, they created many pieces of beautiful glass products but as time moved so did the demand and these works closed, the sea in my opinion has carried on the craft of a once thriving glass works area, leaving behind some magnificent pieces of art which hold their own piece of timeless history.

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